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    And here is my own introduction.


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    And here is my own introduction. Empty And here is my own introduction.

    Post by Fessels on Tue Jan 27, 2015 2:02 am

    Hello everyone and like Maigrets I welcome you all to the Survival Instinct forums, Smile

    I am know as Fessels on several forums, and under a few other nicknames on other forums. I am 45 years old, and I have been playing computer games for much of those years. Now a days I mostly prefer to play RPG games, with now and then a Hidden Objects or Match game. ( Like Bejeweled and The Treasures Of Montezuma.) Over my life I have played so many games and different genres that I will definitely not even try to remember them all. Also owned several consoles of my life, but I sold my Xbox ( The first version that came out. ) and all my games 3 years ago, so how things go on the consoles now a days is unknown to me.

    A few of the games I have played/play;

    * Revenant
    * Planescape Torment
    * Quake 2
    * Doom 3
    * The Baldurs Gate Trilogy
    * Icewind Dale
    * Morrowind / Oblivion / Skyrim
    * Path of Exile
    * Diablo 2 and 3
    * Dragon Age Origins Ultimate Edition. ( My favourite right now. )

    There have been/are more games I have played/play as I mentioned. Also thanks to Maigrets I also bought Risen 3 Titan Lords last year, and although I have not played it as long or as far as Maigrets last year, it certainly has potential so I will install that one again in the near future to start playing it again.

    When it comes to music ... well I personally think it is pretty broad but that is just me. Smile I like to listen to Pop ... Rock ... Heavy Metal and Hard Rock. I can not say if I really like Opera since the only opera I have seen and heard was Phantom of The Opera, and that was a long time ago with several friends of mine. ( But that musical was very impressive. )

    I grew up with a lot of different animals, like Dogs ... Cats ... Bunnies ... Parrots ... Fish and more, so I am very comfortable around most animals. ( Unless a certain animal tries to make a snack out me. Very Happy )  If any one wants to ask me something more then be my guest but I will not guarantee you that I will answer it. Twisted Evil

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