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    Post by MasterAub on Thu May 28, 2015 6:49 pm

    MasterAub's ultimate companion & mount mod: Oblivion
    A modification for TESIV Oblivion
    Version [1.3]
    MasterAub Mod 2e2b39c8-90db-4dc6-85f9-0d92c76c7f83
    The mod can be found here
    MasterAub Ultimate Companion and Mount

    This mod adds:
    4 deer companions, Kany the doe, Folly the young deer, Chilly the buck and Buddy the stag. There is also a special mount (you'll see it by yourself)
    They are essentials and therefore won't die. They will assist you during battle, however may flee when taking too much damage.
    Their level is at a minimum of 5 and will level up with you to reach a maximum of 50.

    • On sneaking you can activate the animal so it will either follow you or wait for you.

    • They will follow you at their own respective distance ranging from 150 to 300

    • They also have resist disease & poison, reflect magica and water breathing spell so you won't be bothered.


    • You can also activate their respective chest by pressing the "I" key.

    • Obviously the 5 companions are mountable when activating the animals (pressing the "E" key)

    How to get those mounts / companions:
    Go to the Cheydinhal Chapel, a druid named Shrimata can sell you 5 spells that summon each of the 5 companions/mounts.

    v1.3 fixes the invisible bongo mount
    v1.2 fixes the mount/dismount bug

    Fully compatible with all mods.

    You need Obse v20 or above to run this mod

    Expand the archive file into your Oblivion\ folder and allow to overwrite folders when prompted.

    Game Play:
    Use as desired.

    Please address any issues to me. You can find me (MasterAub) on the Bethesda forum  or Nexus forum.

    Waalx for the meshes and textures, Maigrets for her companion tutorial and MasterAub for everything else.

    Please ask Waalx or MasterAub to re-use part or the entire mod and please provide credit if need so.

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    Post by Maigrets on Thu May 28, 2015 11:18 pm

    Nice to see this added here. Smile You've done a great job on it. I haven't tried it I'm sorry to say, but I have checked out your mod page.

    One of these days I'm going to play Oblivion again and play around in the CS, which is something I really miss.

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    Post by MasterAub on Fri May 29, 2015 6:05 am

    Thanks Maigrets this mod is a good exemple on how other modders can inspire you to mod as well.
    It all started with your companion mod and then I said to myself why not having a companion that you could use as a mount. Eventually when I want to use a mount I pick my own mod. That's a sign that the mod is great hahahahahaha!!!

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