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    LOTRO 10th Anniversary


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    LOTRO 10th Anniversary Empty LOTRO 10th Anniversary

    Post by Maigrets on Wed Apr 19, 2017 9:40 am

    Celebrations begin for the 10th Anniversary of Lord of the Rings Online this week.

    LOTRO 10th Anniversary 1493760217 

    Starting on Thursday there will be scavenger hunts and quests and fireworks at the Party Tree in the Shire.   Lots of other cool stuff as well.  The Anniversary continues through April 20th until July 13th.

    More info here:


    I've only (only..lol) been playing since sometime in December 2015 and I can foresee many hours, days, weeks and months and probably years ahead, as long as the game continues.  

    Of course I will post some screen shots here to commemorate the celebrations starting at The Party Tree.  I'm going to be busy getting my main and alts through the content, but it should be fun and with episodic quests every week, plenty of content.

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