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    Link to Tutorial With Images


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    Link to Tutorial With Images Empty Link to Tutorial With Images

    Post by Maigrets on Sat Jul 29, 2017 9:46 pm

    In the event someone is still wanting to use my Creature Companion Tutorial for Oblivion please note that the images are missing.  This is because Photobucket have changed their policy and no longer allow 3rd party linking without a huge fee which I am not going to pay.  

    If you think the images would be helpful you can view the tutorial with the images here where it will never change...unless Google starts charging or dies.

    The link is my old Blog which I'm reviving as time goes by.  i was using this before I created this forum and probably should have stayed with it... Link to Tutorial With Images 555809396  

    I've put this note at the top of the tutorial as well.

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