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    Post by Maigrets on Thu Feb 18, 2016 7:51 pm

    A Rambling Beginning Opus-Grande_zpsfafvehbd

    Well, it's about time I got around to actually posting something about the game that's taking all of my gaming time these days.  Much like Dark Souls 2 Scholar of the First Sin where i have many 100's of hours played, it's very addictive and satisfying.

    The only other MMO I've played is Conan Unchained which is also a FunCom game and that had me enthralled for ages as well.  I'm generally not a multiplayer gamer, but I'm a fan of the Conan world and now, The Secret World.

    This isn't going to be a review as such, I'm not a pro reviewer and I don't want this to be one.  It's just my impressions and experiences and probably some rambling.  I probably won't post links either since it's easy enough to find info, although I might eventually post something related to builds and some hints and tips.  But, that's for later.  I just want to get started.  Smile

    Actually, I will post this link with beginner and general info for anyone who may be interested in the game and it's mechanics to get started.

    The Secret World is set in modern times with a similar technology, but unlike our world it has a "secret" layer of occultism, and encompasses myths and legends from our history.   One of the things that drew me to it is that it's an RPG with all the puzzles and creative quests that go with it.   There are action missions, covert and sabotage missions and just mind bending puzzles and objectives to complete.  Thankfully, there is an in game browser because some of these are just so cryptic I have to look them up.  You'll need a good knowledge of history, code breaking, art, music and other info to crack these on your own.

    I purchased the game via Steam at one of their sales and only have the base game at the moment because at the time I only had limited funds in my Steam wallet and the sale would have been over before I could rectify that.  However, I can get the extras as I go and am not actually bothered by that as the DLC's are later game content and I have a long way to go before I will be able to survive them.

    There is no limit to game content behind pay walls which is a HUGE plus.  You buy the game and play everything that's included without restriction.  That includes dungeons, raids and PvP as well as all other content.  You can however subscribe and get some other benefits and rewards which are mostly cosmetic and are by no means necessary to complete the game.

    When purchasing the game you are subscribed for the first month so you can see what is involved.  I would have gone on to subscribe myself but I don't have and don't want a credit card, but I can buy points via my Steam Wallet, which I have done, to use in the item Store, for example clothes, pets, other knick knacks, boosts, and the DLC's if needed.

    A Rambling Beginning By%20the%20Fire_zpshjkkf6yt

    In the base game the world is comprised of three main regions that become more demanding as you proceed from one to the next.  Don't be deceived by the number.  These are huge and made up of several areas each of which will take a long time to get through. There are also social hubs for role playing and general interaction between players.

    The player also has their own personal story quest which should be played as you go and not rushed through, although that isn't actually possible or desirable.

    The first region is New England, Solomon Island in Maine.
    1. Kingsmouth
    2. Savage Coast
    3. Blue Mountain


    1. The Scorched Desert
    2. City of the Sun God - this is where I am now.


    1. Transylvania Farmlands
    2. Shadowy Forest
    3. Carpathian Fangs

    Major Cities

    1. London (Templars)
    2. New York (Illuminati)
    3. Seoul (Dragon)


    1. El Dorado
    2. Fusang
    3. Stonehenge

    Main Hub with portals to all other areas and social.

    1. Agartha

    After these comes Tokyo, a completely new large region and other content released after the main game.  I haven't yet got any of these but will do when I get close to finishing Transylvania, although I am going to get some of the extra mission content before that.

    To finish this long post there are three factions.  The Templars, The Illuminati and the Dragons.  My character, Opus-Grande, is a Templar and has just reached the 13th rank.  Factions also have separate missions of their own which is even more content and are also required to rank up in the chosen faction.

    There's so much I want to write, but I will break it up into separate posts for easier reading...I hope.  A Rambling Beginning 2431605846

    Pets...gotta have them..lol.  The game gives you a free one at the start which is a black Egyptian Temple cat, but now I have two dogs, a golem from an event and a golden owl.

    A Rambling Beginning My%20Dog_zpsbyxrou6s

    A Rambling Beginning 1793038098    Hmm, I see I didn't edit the screenshots very well with the little bit of white at the bottom.  I can live with it, for the moment anyway.  Might fix it later.

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