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    Game Setup and Mod Recommendations


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    Game Setup and Mod Recommendations Empty Game Setup and Mod Recommendations

    Post by Maigrets on Tue Jul 14, 2015 7:39 pm

    Content in this topic assumes readers have some basic knowledge of modding Bethesda games.  It is not meant as a general "how to" or help thread.   Those type of questions need to go in their own topic.  

    Fallout 3 is getting a bit old now in the fast changing landscape of gaming. However, in many cases, it's the older games, that hold the greatest replay value. Many, including myself, still appreciate games with a sense of challenge, choices and consequence, branching quests with multiple ways to solve them, adult themes and most of all, little to no hand holding.

    Bethesda messed all of that up with Skyrim.  Rolling Eyes  

    Fallout 3 has all of the above, but Fallout:New Vegas expands on them even more with actual factions and faction behaviours and much better writing.

    Anyway, this topic is for Fallout 3, so without further ado:

    The first thing one should do is read through this post on Steam.  Saves me a lot of time.. Very Happy  and is very well set out.
    ULTIMATE Fallout 3 Setup Guide

    In particular take note of the ini tweaks for multi-core systems and the Windows 7 compatibility fix.  Otherwise, welcome to crash city.  bounce

    Also make sure to use the GFWL Disabler otherwise there will be problems.  GFWL doesn't exist anymore.  FOSE also does this at startup.

    It is highly recommended to use FOMM (Fallout Mod manager) rather than the Nexus Mod Manager because it is not setup for this system, much like Oblivion.  NMM may work for some mods, but I've never used it for any game so I couldn't tell you.
    FOMM and How To Use It

    The above linked thread also mentions BOSS (Better Oblivion Sorting Software), but this is now out of date and has been replaced with LOOT (Load Order Optimization Tool).   You might see posts on other forums saying LOOT doesn't sort correctly for the older games, but that is wrong.  Both BOSS and LOOT are made by the same team and LOOT is the successor to BOSS and is still being maintained.
    LOOT Download

    Further down the Ultimate Setup Guide are a lot of mod recommendations.  I use many of these, but not all, so I will make a list of what I use in my game.   Plus, there are some little gems that won't be on that page and newer mods since the Guide was published back in 2013.

    Feel free to add your own recommendations.  Game Setup and Mod Recommendations 2738966785

    Tools and Essentials

    Fallout Script Extender (FOSE.)  Required for many mods.  Must be manually installed.
    FOSE Download

    Wrye Flash.  Needed to create a Bashed Patch which is essential for managing leveled lists, among other things.   I also very much like it's Profile feature so I can have several characters using their own mods setup and keep their saves separated.  Has a very comprehensive FAQ.
    Wrye Flash Download

    FO3Edit.  Many useful, and some essential functions, especially if you don't have or want to use the G.E.C.K.   Make sure to read the Docs.  There are links to FAQ's on the download page.
    FO3Edit Download

    CASM (Cipscis' Automatic Save Manager)  Since all Bethesda games save functions are notoriously buggy this is a life saver.  
    CASM Download

    UPDATED Unofficial Fallout 3 Patch
    Note this is updated and still current.  Too many fixes to mention here, but another essential.
    UPDATED FO3 Patch Download

    Continued soon in next post.

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    Game Setup and Mod Recommendations Empty Re: Game Setup and Mod Recommendations

    Post by Maigrets on Fri Jul 24, 2015 8:35 pm

    Ok so I'm finally getting around to finishing this.   Anyone looking for the most popular mods really only needs to go through the Top 100 at Nexus, but by browsing there are a lot of little gems and lesser known, but very good mods to be found.

    MasterAub asked for recommendations so here are mine.   These are mods that I personally use, so opinions may vary.

    I'm not going into big descriptions of each mod.  That would take me ages.  I'm also not going to go into patches needed for various mods.  Mod descriptions supply that info.


    Fallout Wanderer's Edition

    Highly recommended and very configurable via Menus.  Supports all DLC's.

    Another I have used and also highly recommend is FOOK (Fallout Overhaul Kit]

    This one adds a lot more than FWE and in some ways reminds me of FCOM for Oblivion as it adds many items, textures, and gameplay features.   Also supports all DLC's and can be configured to taste.

    It was a hard choice between the two.  I haven't looked into compatibility and if they can be used together, but I know the equivalent of FWE and FOOK in New Vegas can be with patches because I'm using them.

    Mart's Mutant Mod

    We all know this one.  A lot of fun.

    DEFINITIVE Creature Mod

    Adds new creatures and textures.  Very good and can be used alongside Mart's.


    NMC Texture Pack

    Retextures the majority of the game.  Does not do sky, NPC's, weapons and some other things like small clutter.   There are various packs depending on the resolution your system can handle.  Gives the game a sense of realism that vanilla does not come close to.

    Other small texture replacers can be used over the top if desired but I don't find it necessary, at least for the things it does replace.

    Vandr HD Creatures

    Excellent textures for all the creatures of the wasteland.

    Hi Res Weapon Textures

    Very good pack.  Mainly rifles and pistols.

    Better PreWar and Burned Books

    Speaks for itself.  Big improvement.

    Wasteland Clothing HiRes

    This is a New Vegas mod but works in Fallout 3.   Beautifully done.

    GNR Building Redux

    Overhauls the Galaxy News Radio Building.  Cleans up most of the useless clutter and adds vendors etc.

    Vurt's Flora Overhaul

    Excellent as always.  I'm using the "Dead Edition" but one day I'll probably swap to the forested version.

    EVE - Energy Visuals Enhancement 

    I love energy weapons and this mod is essential.

    There are more, but I'll add them later.  This is taking longer than I thought.   Smile

    Using a lot of HiRes textures can put a strain on the engine, and graphics card obviously, so a good solution to that, besides the 4GB patch is Optimizer Textures  Works for all TES games as well as Fallout.

    Quests and New Worlds

    I actually haven't gotten around to these yet as the main game itself is very long if you're like me and explore a lot and do all of the side quests.  And then there are the DLC's which add a lot of content.

    However, I've just discovered that a very large mod called The Big Apple, seems to no longer be available.  I did download it a few weeks ago so one day I might actually get to it.

    More later...

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