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    Maigrets Mods Empty Maigrets Mods

    Post by Maigrets on Sat Apr 11, 2015 10:17 pm

    Since I didn't originally make a category specifically for mods, I've renamed this one to include mod talk and recommendations anyone would like to make.  

    I invite anyone who wishes to advertise their own work to do the same.  Just note that mods with ripped content, or content taken from other mods without permission are not welcome and will be removed.

    Anyway, back to my own mods.  I won't be adding all of them at once and will only be giving the main download link which is the Nexus.  A couple are at TES Alliance which I will link, but I don't support them any longer and have no plans to upload them elsewhere.   They are Race mods and fully functional.

    I was going to post the Readme's in Spoiler tags, but I've decided that a small description with a few screenshots is enough.  If anyone is interested enough they can follow the download link for a full and detailed description.

    I am however going to add the CREDITS where I've used other modder's resources.

    My creature companions are all marked as Essential because I use mods that make the game harder and more dangerous, and I don't wish my companions to die. However, they can be knocked unconscious.  It's all explained in their individual Readme's.  

    This going to take some time so all my mods won't be added at once and I'm starting at the top of the list with the first two today.

    Maigrets: Along Came A Spider

    Alice is a fuzzy, black tarantula and can be found very close to Cadlew Chapel in a burned out building.  She is called Alice because I am a huge fan of Alice Cooper.

    Alice has her own offensive and defensive spells, and in the final version, is a bit smaller than in the screenshots.

    Malo for the original spiders resource - permission in Readme
    Alienslof for the tarantula meshes and textures - permission via email


    Maigrets Mods Victory

    Maigrets Mods OnTheStep

    Maigrets Mods DieNecomancer

    Maigrets: Battle Dogs - Rocky and Spike

    Rocky and Spike are, as their name suggests, Imperial Battle Dogs.  They are experienced fighters and will protect you with their lives....  They can be found near The IC Prison District.  They have armour and collars.

    Waalx for the meshes and textures.


    Maigrets Mods RockyandSpike

    Maigrets Mods Gnolls

    Maigrets Mods Bandit

    To be continued....

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