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    Scholar of the First Sin Arrives Empty Scholar of the First Sin Arrives

    Post by Maigrets on Thu Apr 02, 2015 8:45 pm

    Yes, I know, I started a new topic about the same game.  tongue    This one will be more about the actual game now it's out, rather than speculation.

    Since I already have the DX9 version and the Season Pass for all DLC's this version only cost me $16.99 (Australian) which was 40% off the upgrade itself.

    Anyway, I downloaded it today and have already played through The Forest of Giants.  Defeated the Pursuer at the first encounter near the 1st bonfire with the help of a shade and took down the Last Giant.

    So far the new enemy placements are pretty good I feel...and I've only died once against enemies in the Forest ( an unexpected Ninja Turtle) and twice to gravity in the tutorial.  Embarassed   I never was a fan of the jump mechanic and it got me this time.  I also haven't played for over a month so that's my excuse.

    I was unsure whether the DX11 upgrade would lessen performance on my PC, but it's actually much better and smoother.  In the DX9 version I used to get stutters at certain areas, always the same places, and those are gone.  My weapon almost broke halfway through the Pursuer fight, so that's still an issue.  I was able to do a quick menu swap only because I had a shade with me who kept aggro, which was cool.  Thank you.  Scholar of the First Sin Arrives 2738966785

    The graphics, although not what a lot of people expected, and complain a lot about, are much sharper and more detailed.  It's a nice addition of course, but I don't care so much for graphics as long as the gameplay is up to par.   Certain areas are almost totally dark so torches will be a must and I'm dreading going into that room where the turtles used to be as there are now skeletons in there.

    I'll update as I get further in game but I'm playing as a Bandit, Dex build using the Estoc which is a weapon I have a fondness for and can last a long way into the game.   I also wanted a bow and since there are a lot more snipers, I has come in very handy.  Scholar of the First Sin Arrives 302994157

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