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    Hints, Tips and Silly Stuff Empty Hints, Tips and Silly Stuff

    Post by Maigrets on Sat Jan 31, 2015 3:13 am

    Always, always look up, especially in interiors so you don't miss hidden switches.   Watching Youtubers never ceases to amaze me when a lot of them fail to realize there's possibly something above eye level.

    Hidden walls are activated by the activate key...eg A for Xbox controllers, unlike in Dark Souls 1 where you smash them with your weapon, or kick them, which also works.  There are some exceptions where you need to blow them up with barrels of gunpowder, or get an enemy to break it for you.

    If the enemies at No man's Wharf throw oil at you and it coats you, you will explode in flames if hit by fire arrows, you pull out your pyromancy flame.   Hitting barrels of gunpowder with a flame weapon has the same effect.  

    Gravity is the greatest and most feared enemy in Dark Souls 1&2.

    How to Piss Off the Dragons at the Aerie

    The next most annoying enemy is weapon durability especially at 60fps, a bug that was never fixed.  Maybe in Scholar of the First Sin?

    If a wooden chest has a lock on it, it's a Mimic.   Metal ones have two clasps and sometimes teeth can be seen if you look closely.  They also breathe.  There are several metal chest Mimics in the game, one at the Iron Keep and another at Aldia's Keep, and two in the Crown of the Ivory King DLC.   Use a Lloyd's Talisman to put them to sleep and avoid being eaten at low levels, otherwise they can one hit kill you.

    You can also check for Mimics by hitting the chest with a weapon, but be careful.  If you hit a wooden chest more than once or twice it will break and the contents will turn into rubbish.

    Adaptability is useful in this game unlike in Dark Souls 1.  It increases invincibility frames, increases agility and status resistances, increases poise, and speeds up rolling.  Some people think this is untrue, but having at least 20 ADP and comparing it to default low levels makes a big difference.  The soft cap is around 20.

    Music Video

    Crystal Lizards are suicidal and very, very fast.   Curved swords or any other weapon with a ground slam will kill them if you're quick.   Magic and arrows are also effective if you can kill it before it disappears.

    The Three Little Pigs have migrated to Majula and they are very hard to kill because they are so small and have a lot of hit points.    They can be summoned by Elana in the Crown of the Sunken King.   It happened to me once when I was co-oping.

    The bulbous "eyes" on the Basilisks are not really eyes, and are used as a distraction.  If you look below them you will see their real eyes.  

    Hiding In Plain Sight.  

    To be continued...

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