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    Keeping It Cool. Extra guidelines.


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    Keeping It Cool.  Extra guidelines. Empty Keeping It Cool. Extra guidelines.

    Post by Maigrets on Tue Jan 27, 2015 11:24 pm


    This area is for discussion of almost any subject as long as it's rational and respectful to others.   When I say almost any subject...politics and religion topics are taboo.   I don't give a crap about politics enough to want to talk about it on a forum, and as far as I'm personally concerned religion is the same. Both are topics that can get out of hand very quickly.

    Feel free to rant about stuff in the provided thread, but mind the language and follow the Rules.   That means no character defamation of real people, no abuse of other members, no links to illegal stuff, no piracy etc, etc.   Posts contravening these guidelines will be deleted.  And for heavens sake grammar police keep it under your hat.  It makes you look foolish.  

    Remember that not everyone's first language is English.

    When posting videos or any other media make sure they are not intentionally offensive to others.   If unsure, don't post it at all.  

    Forum games will not add to post counts.

    Thanks. cat

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